Running Aztec-network locally

Is there any way I can find all the source code and run the aztec network locally on my pc ?


I have cloned the repo GitHub - AztecProtocol/aztec-connect: aztec connect repository to run the code locally on my machine. But there are a lot of missing files and there is no example for env file.


Did you check the READMEs for the individual services located in yarn-project/? You need to set up and run each service individually, in the proper sequence. The yarn-project README should help.

What are you trying to do? Just play around with the network?


Hi @joshc, thank you for the reply. I had a similar situation in which I wanted to try and make a local deployment of the aztec connect repo mentioned above, but have failed to piece together how to run each module. My goal here is not to study the project but just to see what it would look like if it was running.

The READMEs seem to have everything in detail if you want to learn but for someone that just wants to deploy it and try it out as an experiment most of the information was over my head.

So, my question would be if you could direct me to a simple walkthrough/guide on how to run the system? If not, could you give me some tips - such as the order in which each module needs to be deployed etc. I’ll keep trying to read through the READMEs in the meantime to see if I can grasp something.


I am trying to run it locally to see the functionality. but it looks like it is not open source because off missing files in repo


Unfortunately there is no simple guide on how to run it because this is not a simple system. It would be helpful if you could specify specific issues that you are running into while trying to run it.


Hey Muhammad, thanks for the interest!

To further clarify, are you trying to run Aztec Connect which has been “sunset”, or the upcoming version of Aztec that is decentralized and programmable (previously called Aztec3, or A3, and described here)?


I am trying to aztec-connet mono-repo that is currently sunset. GitHub - AztecProtocol/aztec-connect: aztec connect repository

I am attaching a screen shot of file that is missing files. There are many files that are import files that doesn’t exist in this repo.

Can you guide me to run this repo or this system.


Thanks for clarifying! Unfortunately this isn’t something we provide support for since it’s been sunset. However, after some quick initial searching in the repository, it seems like most of the ./abis/{etc] files are there.

e.g. line 38 should be here yarn-project/blockchain/src/abis/bridges/LidoBridge.sol/LidoBridge.json

It seems like there’s probably a build system or dependency issue. Did you run the script from the root directory? I think that’s where the abi’s get generated/pulled in from.

Again to set expectations, this isn’t something we are able to answer a whole lot of questions about – but we certainly encourage you to use this forum to pose the questions, etc! Hope this helps :pray:


yes I have run the and some modules were fetched but still these files and many other modules are missing files. Can you tell me in which order I should run these modules? It has many sub-modules and each one is dependent to others.


Unable to fetch these contracts and file names are there but can’t fetch and can’t open them