Best ways to support Aztec in its development and eventual mainnet?

Hey all - any mention of Galxe or QuestN programmes that are running to show support for Aztec? Or anything else I haven’t thought of?!


If youre a developer, the best way to start contributing is to start if trying to build things on the sandbox and asking questions and providing feedback in the discord.

Otherwise contributing to protocol design discussions happening here in the forum is a great way to support.

Also just tell your friends! The more eyeballs we can get looking at what we’re building, the better feedback and input we’ll get and the better the protocol will be.


Hi @joshc, may I ask for the discord link of Aztec? I can not find it on the website of Aztec. Thank you!


Try this: Aztec Network


I wanna second on this point, Aztec is a great development from a technical pov, but I don’t see a lot of efforts in marketing and community formation, it goes a long way to start a platfrom on guild, galxe, layer2, rabbithole, Questn, zealy or discord
lots of low tech products r killing it on the community front and u see products like aztec not pushing enough

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sorry for the slow response, Josh. I have told all of my friends for sure, the project looks amazing. But surely some Questn/Galxe/Twitter campaign will be essential in terms of ensuring a successful main net launch. Being an Engineer I often dislike success not being about the quality of the product - but it is unfortunately an essential part of a product launch? Perhaps i’m just jumping the gun and it’s too early?

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Yea my sense is that it is too early for this. The sandbox is very dynamic at this point is subject to change before we even get to public testnets. Larger growth campaigns make more sense when things are more stable.


May u help me?
Image text “unable to accept invitation”

After using Aztec Network discord URL
There is an error like i cant join server with no reason,
but i can join another projects, or friends servers
any info how to join Aztec dis?


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Josh is there a roadmap atall I could use - had a quick search but nothing came up. Just trying to explain to friends where the projects at :blush:

there is a roadmap page in the doc. Though, not sure if this is as detailed as you might expect.