Open Source ZK-Reddit

Hi Aztec Community,

Noirlang+Aztec gave me the idea to create a FOSS reddit with privacy. Before I jump in to code I wanted to get feedback on the concept. Some programmer friends of mine have pointed out that zk proofs or even blockchain is not necessary, while others have said gas fees will stop adoption.

I’d like to hear your thoughts on this project idea. Below are some deck mockups that I made for the proof of concept.


thank you admins for approving the post.
looking forward to hearing the community thoughts/feedback


gm, it’s an interesting idea and by far, it could be the first social network build on Aztec. Here are some ideas and questions

  • Use AA to avoid pay gas in each action and to allow several actions wo sign every message (similar to Lens right now)
  • A copy/paste UI of reddit + twitter could be interesting
  • How to build a network effect? (most difficult part on any social network)
  • How to avoid bad actors using openRunes?

Another branding

Thanks @Ariiellus. Regarding bad actors, I was thinking of zero backend moderation and leaving it all to client devices. Soon web clients will have access to device GPU power via webGL, thus allowing local LLMs to do the filtering. This would promote decentralization as well.

Re: network effects, perhaps taking a play from the Rumble playbook (youtube immune to cancel culture). Might not be the best for reputation, but they do “bring their own network”.

I was also thinking, it could be possible to have a zero gas fee version that only uses Aztec.js and web2 storage. Then offer two paths for the user to take - (a) free on web2, (b) paid gas fee for blockchain aka freedom