A Basic Aztec Information Request

Hi…I am not technical but I am interested in the potential of Aztec in privacy focused blockchain applications. Since most of the questions here are quite technical, I am quite happy for this post to be deleted but I thought I would ask a couple of basic questions…

At the moment it appears from the roadmap that Aztec is building out its core functionality on TestNet. Can someone explain the roadmap towards a full Mainnet implementation? Dates, steps etc.

What is the best introduction (on YouTube perhaps) to the main concepts of Aztec, ZK SNARKS, rollup etc. that would provide me a better understanding of the capabilities of the platform in terms of building real-world applications?

I am based in London and interested in building apps for the financial services industry. Would anyone be interested in discussing some of the more basic elements of Aztec in order to explore possible applications?

Thanks for reading


I don’t think there is an official roadmap, but the Sunsetting Aztec Connect blog post provides some good insight and alludes to some announcements coming later in Q1 or sometime in Q2.

To answer your second question, Aztec has a YouTube channel that I recommend checking out.

Wish you the best of luck in building apps for the financial services industry!


Thank you for those pointers Cardenas. It took a while to find a youTube video that wasnt packed with (to me) undecypherable algebra but they are there.
On the subject of an official roadmap, I understand that early this year (Q1?) should see the release of a production/mainnet version of Aztec. Is this true? Is there any further details on the release?
Finally, is there any forum in which real world applications on Aztec are being discussed? As mentioned before, I dont have enough knowledge to get involved in the cryptographic discussions but I have a number of real world use cases that I think would benefit from the private/public approach supported by Aztec and I would like to see whether they would work and/or discuss possible approaches.
Anyway…thanks again for the input,


Hey Ludo, you can see the milestones en route to testnet here.


Thanks jzaki…that is useful information but is there a similar roadmap for mainnet?


Not sure it’s written up there yet. Need to reach and run testnet for a while beforehand :technologist:

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Hey @Ludo99 zkgm!

I recommend you the next videos in the following order to understand the main concepts and potential of Aztec

These talks have been useful to have a better understand of Aztec Network hope this works for you!