Goblin Plonk: lazy recursive proof composition

Greetings, fellow goblins

Goblin Plonk is still in its early stages of R&D, and that’s where you come in, my goblin friends!
We need your feedback to make Goblin Plonk the ultimate goblin creation. So, expert and hobbyist goblins, gather around and join us on this thrilling adventure! :rocket:

Have we missed something? Are there changes to the write-up that would make it easy to read?


welcome @aztec_goblin! :wave: :japanese_goblin:

just wondering if the #aztec3 is the best category for this post. We have a #honk category, but I am not sure how much Honk! specific chatter will be going on in this forum. wdyt, should I modify the honk category to be about cryptography more generally?


the EC VM section is gobbed up by the goblin. is there a link somewhere?