Writing unit tests for noir protocol circuits


As a side project, I’m auditing and writing unit tests for the Aztec Noir protocol circuits. I have a few questions for any of the devs"

  1. Does your team accept PRs that introduce unit tests?
  2. Is there any preferred best practices that I can align myself with when writing tests?


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Hey @thankyou, thanks for reaching out and for your interest in contributing! Our protocol circuits are still changing, so I think it’s a bit preemptive to accept external PRs for protocol circuit unit tests.

I don’t think we have best practices for these tests documented yet, but you can see how we’ve written some here.

Thanks @joshc.

Quick follow up question. Is there any stable Noir code that could use some tests? If not, that’s fine. I’ll just continue on in my little corner doing my audit :).

Looking through the open issues in the Noir repo, some of these look like good ones that you could pick up.


Thanks for the help @joshc!