Aztec Connect ( sunset - are there any independently run sequencers?

Docs: Aztec Connect Sunset | Privacy-first zkRollup | Aztec Documentation

I remember the announcement and withdrew majority on my funds immediately.

I think I may have a few wallets with some dust (in region of 0.01 - 0.02 ETH) and I’m wondering if there is an easy way to withdraw.

I’m not good when comes to DevOps and running my own infra - - realistically it has many moving parts and it’s above my paygrade, on top of that I don’t have hardware with 64GB of memory.

If an independent sequencer exists - GREAT - let me know.

If not - I guess I need to accept the loss.

If maybe - maybe possible to coordinate efforts of users in a similar situation.

EDIT / UPDATE: Related thread: - apparently possible to use Github Codespace. Happy to find a way that is least friction.


A cool thing about the Codespace template is that it runs on Github’s servers, so you don’t need a computer with 64GB of memory (I don’t have one either :slight_smile: )

If your wallets only have dust, it may not be worth trying to empty them completely. It is not cheap to publish the rollup blocks to Ethereum and would likely cost more than you would be withdrawing.


I will need to check first + consolidate + then withdraw. Is sending within Aztec near free?


You will have to publish blocks to Ethereum in order for transactions to be sent on Aztec Connect, so they will actually be quite expensive.


Bro, you had 1 year, why didn’t u withdraw…


The simplest explanation is the most likely.

Forgot about it.

Withdrew the main funds, “dust for later”.


Not my biggest problem, some small regret remains though.