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Hello Aztec community,

My name is Malcolm and I am one of the co-founders of ITOKA. We are building an on-chain AI music streaming protocol and NFT platform. We are currently exploring solutions to keep states in our smart contracts private and we were referred to Aztec.

After browsing through the Aztec documentation, I found it very interesting and it seems like it might be exactly what we need. I have several questions about Aztec but would like to start with a “Hello World” example for ERC721 in Noir. If someone could share this example with me, I would deeply appreciate it.

Plz feel free to reach me via Twitter DM as well:

Best regards,


Hi Malcolm,

Welcome! It sounds like Aztec will be a possible solution to your problem. Unfortunately the network isn’t live yet and is still in active development. We aren’t at a stage yet where devs can write contracts and deploy them to a testnet, but we should be soon–shooting for Q3 this year for a local developer testnet. Once we have this testnet we will publish example contracts for common use cases like fungible and non-fungible tokens.

You can read more about the road map in our Aztec network announcement piece here.