Understanding the Technical Aspects of Aztec and Noir

I wrote about recent developments and future plans for Aztec and Noir.

Huge thanks to @zac-williamson and the rest of the Aztec team for their invaluable feedback and reviews!

Covered issues and titles

  1. What is Noir?
  2. How does Noir work?
  3. Noir and Aztec 3
  4. PLONK
  5. Interaction of Contracts with Private State in Aztec
  6. UTXO for Private State in Aztec
  7. Contracts Merkle Tree and Kernel SNARK
  8. Recursion and Composability
  9. zkEVM and Aztec
  10. Aztec’s Supply Chain
  11. Aztec Connect
  12. Aztec Mainnet and Testnet
  13. What is next for Aztec?


Blog post:


Great write-up @erayack!


Thanks for review and feedback @joshc


This is so cool!

Initially I’d flag that we are no longer calling it Aztec 3 - just Aztec


And reading this twitter thread, this tweet made me think the entire state is 64 bytes (where that may be a single UTXO note? I’m not sure offhand…) Maybe that’s just me though, lol.

Thanks for taking the time to put it together :smile:


I thought Aztec 3 could be used because it is a technical text. But using only Aztec will prevent confusion.

Yes, it is single. From blog post:
The representation of the state as a UTXO is highly abstract, as the protocol level does not concern itself with the state it encodes. The values and identities are not known or cared about. It is simply 64 bytes of information, similar to a storage slot in Ethereum.


Now, I should go back to watching Ted Lasso. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: