Quick question about privacy, new to Aztec, long term sol developer

Hi, this is my first post in the forum, I just heard about the Atzec project.
One of the main privacy concerns while building a secure app using solidity is the private key management. I have found this to be a major roadblock on Ethereum.

As I have given this a lot of thought, I would like to keep this question as simple as possible:

  • Is it possible (or would it be possible) to share private keys via Aztec network ?

Looking forward to your answer(s).

Hey @damir! Agree that private key management is one of Ethereum’s biggest pains, but I don’t think that sharing it is the solution - it’s actually a major security risk.

Now, Aztec has full account abstraction support, meaning you can set up any sort of authentication mechanisms, even ones that don’t rely on a private key at all, or allow you to rotate it, or let you set up native multi-factor auth. You can read more about this here!

@spalladino Thank you kindly for a reply.
I understand that it is a major security risk, however, I wanted to simplify the question as much as possible. What I am thinking about is a workaround to sharing/storing data in a secure manner so that no third-party can see/read what is being exchanged (which could include the private keys as well).

I am looking for this type of a secure network (which involves cryptocurrencies) but am unable to find a solution. I did run into this being a necessity for making more complex and serious Dapps, however, Ethereum makes everything visible and accessible to public (which would be a deal-breaker for clients using a Dapp).

Please let me know if there is any network that would allow this, and if not, whether I could offer some of my developer skills? I am not so versed with cryptography but do have great research skills as well as the skills related to (centralized) web-development.

Thank you once again.