How to use pedersen hash/commitment?

I’ve been exploring Pedersen hash/commitment and encountered some challenges while attempting to generate the same hash in both JavaScript and Noir.
Despite my efforts, I haven’t achieved the desired outcome.

Here the noir pedersen use:

let hashPedersen = std::hash::pedersen_hash([value1, value2, value3, value4]);
let commitPedersen = std::hash::pedersen_commitment([value1, value2, value3, value4]);


And here multiple test in JS.
Firstly with Barretenberg:

async function pedersenHash(inputs: any[]) {
	const bb: Barretenberg = await;
	const inputArray: Fr[] = => Fr.fromString(str));
	return (await bb.pedersenCompress(inputArray)).toString();

secondly with circom JS

function pedersenHash(inputs: any[]) {
  const hash = pedersenB.hash(inputs);
  return hash;

function pedersenHashUnpack(inputs: any[]) {
  const unpackP = babyJub.unpackPoint(pedersenHash(inputs));
  return unpackP;

I’m aiming for a clear understanding of how to implement Pedersen hash/commitment in both JavaScript and Noir, ensuring consistency in the generated hashes.

Any assistance, code snippets, or recommendations would be immensely helpful.
Thanks in advance for your expertise!


Hello. Seems like you’re using a quite old version of bb.js… As pedersenCompress was removed some time ago.

Can you try to update, and if you still don’t get any other results, please let us know about your versions for Nargo and bb.js?