Can't verify with pedersen?

I am building example with noir and using pedersen for hashing, its simple project (I also inherited some code from battleship)

its comparing in circuit:

fn main(hash: pub Field, mines: [Field; 5]) {
    let computed_hash = std::hash::pedersen(mines);
    assert(hash == computed_hash[0]);

and this is script i am using to generate witness:

(async () => {
    const barretenberg = await;
    const pedersen = new SinglePedersen(barretenberg);
    // Number array of length 15 for sip coordinates (all values must be below 9 with every third either
    // 0 or 1 to represent orientation
    const mines = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];
    // Coordinate array must have values coverted to a 32 bytes hex string for Barretenberg Pedersen to match Noir's
    // implementation. Returns a buffer
    const mineBuffer = pedersen.compressInputs( => Buffer.from(numToHex(mine), 'hex')));
    // Convert pedersen buffer to hex string and prefix with "0x" to create hash
    const hash = `0x${mineBuffer.toString('hex')}`
    // Convert to TOML and write witness to prover.toml and public inputs to verified
    writeFileSync('circuits/board/Prover.toml', stringify({ hash, mines }));
    console.log('Board witness written to /board/Prover.toml');
    writeFileSync('circuits/board/Verifier.toml', stringify({
        setpub: [],
    console.log('Board verifier written to /board/Verifier.toml');

but cant satisfy all constrains