Whether the wallet is a partner or developed in-house

I did read that our new product is not EVM compatible, which means that metamask these wallets are no longer used, so our wallets need to be redesigned, right?
Will the project initially use an officially issued wallet or is there already a partnership with some wallet project?


That is correct, wallets for Aztec will be very different from wallets for Ethereum. You will be able to use ECDSA signatures to authorize actions on Aztec, so Ethereum keys can be used Ethereum wallets to sign stuff, but there will be a lot of other data to manage. Aztec will have native account abstraction, so you won’t be limited to using ECDSA signatures. You can use whatever authorization scheme you want as long as you can generate a proof for it. You can read more about it here: Ideas on Account Abstraction - #11 by spalladino


what do you think of social recovery wallets? some argue that one of the main pros of account abstraction is a possibility to add social recovery, however that may be kind of against beliefs of privacy maximalists. do you think it’s worth to have this option added?


I think social recovery wallet are awesome. I would love to use one for Aztec. Social recovery wallets can be built using the current account abstraction design. You might even be able to build better social recovery wallet than anything that exists today, given that all people would have to submit is a proof.


Looking forward to the wallet product, hopefully it won’t be as hard to use as starknet’s argent wallet! :rofl: :rofl:


What do you find difficult in Argent?,
using it 1 more year and found nothing
like simple wallet