Transferring someone else's notes

Working with @skeletor-spaceman and team, we run into the issue of how to transfer a private note owned by someone else, assuming you get their authorization, given you cannot “see” it. We’re sharing here the design we arrived at, to gather comments from the community.

While not the specific use case, for the sake of the discussion let’s assume we’re dealing with an order-based swap, where a maker posts an order to sell 100 tokens A, in exchange for 100 tokens B. We want the taker who executes the swap to be able to transfer the maker’s note worth 100 As to themselves as they execute the swap.

The code for the swap is simple: it calls transfer_from on the token A and B contracts to move the funds from one user to the other. Doing the transfer from the taker to the maker is easy, since it’s executed by the taker, who can see their own notes and can produce an authwit for the transfer on the fly.

For enabling the transfer from the maker to the taker, we propose the following flow:

  • The maker creates a note for exactly 100 tokens A. This note’s nullifier secret is embedded as part of the note, instead of being sourced from the user’s secret key (see here for an example). This allows more than a single party to nullify the note. Note that this is the only change we need to do to the Token contract as it stands today to support this flow.
  • The maker creates an authwit to be consumed by the token A contract that allows the swap contract to transfer that note. This means that only the swap contract will be able to trigger the private transfer, and not someone else directly.
  • Once a taker shows up, the maker sends them off-chain both the authwit and the note preimage. The taker can verify that both are valid.
  • The taker registers both the authwit and the note in their own PXE, and execute the swap. The taker’s PXE will now be able to “see” the note owned by the maker (since it has the unencrypted note preimage), will be able to trigger a transfer (since it has the authwit), and will be able to nullify it (since the nullifier is embedded within the note as randomness).


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