HELP NEEDED: Let's get language support for Noir on Github

We have everything we need to get official Github support, including Noir language detection and syntax highlighting, we just need more public Github repositories with Noir files in them.

We are targeting 200 unique (:user/:repo) repos on Github, based on the requirements.

Forks don’t count!

At the time of writing, we have 376 Noir files. I’m not sure how many unique repositories, but you can track the progress with this Github search query.

If you are working on a Noir project and are open to pushing it to Github, please do!

If you have a Github and 5 minutes to spare, consider creating a new repo and pushing it to help us out! :pray:

Here are the steps to create a new Noir project and push it to Github.

Install nargo if you don’t have it already.

Open your terminal. Enter:

curl -L | bash

This installs noirup. Close the terminal. Open a new terminal window and run:


This installs the latest release of nargo.

Create a new project

And initialize git

In your terminal:

nargo new noir-project && cd noir-project && git init

Git commit

If you have Noir code handy, feel free to copy+paste it into ./src/ so not all of these new repositories have the same default starter code. If not, no worries.

In your terminal run:

git add . && git commit -m "init"

Create a Github repo

In your browser, create a new repository on Github here. Name it whatever you want, just make sure it’s marked public. :slightly_smiling_face:

Push your noir-project to Github

Back in your terminal where you set up your noir-project, run the commands to push it to Github.

For me it looks like this:

git remote add origin
git branch -M master
git push -u origin master

That’s it! Your noir project should now be on Github, helping us make Noir Github official!

Please drop any questions below or feel free to reach out to me on twitter @critesjosh_.


if you’re having trouble installing nargo on Windows, you might need to install a Linux distribution first. You can use this guide: Install WSL | Microsoft Learn

or simply this command in Powershell:

wsl --install -d ubuntu